Donuts For Dad

Each year, Donuts for Dads is a huge success with over 100 dads coming in to have breakfast with their scholars. We welcome parents here on campus and would love for fathers to join us on this year’s Donuts for Dads event.

Grandparent’s Day Luncheon 2018

Each year we invite Grandparents to fellowship with students in a special Grandparent’s luncheon. Please inquire with the main office about the dates of time for Grandparent’s day!

Muffins For Moms

Each year, Moms come out to show their support for Muffins for Moms event. 100s of moms come out and have muffins with their loved ones during the breakfast our to spend time with their scholar.


Harvest Festival

Each year we introduce the scholars to different type of crops at our annual Harvest Festival. Parents get to volunteer and students do projects, live presentations, demonstrations and also get a chance to taste different foods using those crops.