Carpool Procedures for the 2022-2023 School Year


Morning Carpool Procedures


  1. Please do not drop off your child prior to 7:30 AM or without a SACS  faculty member

present if the child(ren) are not enrolled in Before Care (6am-7:30am).

  1. Our school day begins with instruction at 8 AM. Last call for breakfast is 7:45 AM. 
  2. Scholars are  tardy  at 8:01 AM. If your child arrives on campus at 8:01 AM or after, you MUST park and walk your child to the office to sign in in the K2 building.  In the 3rd-5th grade Academy building, you MUST walk and sign your child in at the carpool entrance. 
  3.  All car riders MUST come through the carpool line. Please limit distractions and driving over 5mph while on campus. 
  4. Staff Members will be on duty to assist in the carpool line at 7:30 AM. Please make sure the child is awake, and ready to safely exit the vehicle after  receiving a clearance from the SACS Covid team member, or SACS faculty assisting with morning carpool duty in both buildings. 
  5. Please have your child exit the car quickly, safely, and independently. 
  6.  If you have a scheduled meeting at the school, please drop off your child in the carpool line, then park in the parking lot of the building.


Afternoon Carpool Procedures


  1. Afternoon carpool lines may begin as early as 2:30pm.  Names will be called at 3:01 PM.   
  2. All Carpool Riders MUST have a SACS issued carpool tag visible in the front window or drivers window during the 3:01-3:15 dismissal. This is imperative to call scholars’ names and safely place scholars in the correct vehicle.
  3.  If you do not have the SACS carpool tag, you must park your car  and wait until the end of dismissal to show a state government issued photo identification to check out your child or get a new carpool tag.
  4.  Please do NOT block the  driveways or create an extra line for carpooling. Each building has a single line for entrance in the morning and afternoon. 
  5.  Please pull up as far as possible, this will allow for maximum loading. 
  6. We will call for your child and send them to be loaded. 
  7. Please limit distractions and driving over 5mph for the safety of scholars during carpool. 
  8. At 3:15 PM all students remaining at the carpool will be brought to the K2 cafeteria. 
  9. A Parent or guardian MUST come into the building to  sign the child out after 3:30 PM.  


Early dismissal ends promptly at 2:30 pm in both buildings.  No walk ups during carpool.   Thank you for your cooperation and patience during the morning and afternoon carpool.