Questions from your session:

  • Can you use a towel to erase on the panel instead of your palm or fist? – Technically yes, it should register, but we don’t know for sure how consistent that is going to be each time you try to do it. With that being said, I would recommend sticking to your palm or fist, or using the eraser button at the bottom of the whiteboard to erase using your stylus.
  • Can students annotate on something in Broadcast, then send it back or submit it to the teacher? – Your students have the ability to annotate on something you are Broadcasting out to them by taking a screenshot within the Broadcast window. After they use the screenshot feature, writing tools will open for them to annotate. If they’d like to submit it to you, they can download their annotated screenshot and upload it into your LMS the same way they would normally submit something. Watch the following video for how to access these tools: (Broadcast annotation tools start at 2:25)
    • If you’re open to using other applications to have students be able to write and submit things in real time, I would recommend checking out Nearpod, which allows you to turn Google Slides presentations into engaging lessons for students. Students join your Nearpod and can only move through at the same pace as you (no more working ahead!). You can add in interactive features like multiple choice questions, videos, games, short answer response, drawings, matching, and so many more! You will have a “Teacher Mode” that allows you to watch your students answers in real time, and it saves all their responses in each session so you can progress monitor as you move through a unit or topic. Find it here:

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